Saturday, November 13, 2010

Theater: End of an End or the Beginning of a Beginning

Theater: Meaning for world is "place for seeing". But I wonder often that what it has for people in it? The way I wonder about my being at times, in terms of "Matrooq" (Abandoned) - name of this blog, in the same way I wonder about theater. A friend asked me “Abondoned!! Who? And I said “self” who else? He wondered, how can I say that... Its a quest to find out self... but still he wonders..

Probably more than that I wonder when I am on or behind the stage. Recently I got a fortune of being in to this situation after a long time. It takes a lot before a production comes to the performance. But for those who are on the stage - it means more than what it is for a spectator. The history of theater goes long back to the Thespis of Icaria or Nātyaśāstra. So to say it goes till 200 BC with its existence and may be prior to that even, as part of the history which is not available to us. Most important thing in theater across the globe is the "Rasa" (aesthetics). Whish is presented to the spectators in different forms of on stage performances. No wonder why father of logics (Aristotle) was compelled to wrote Poetics.

There are four kinds of Abhinaya (histronics) are defined but before an actor even reaches to that stage... before the curtains are raised for the for the performer, when there is littile time left to move away from yourself rather be the one who needs to be on the stage. The feeling at this point, how does it happen, what is it feels like –

When it is at the end of an end or may be beginning of a beginning. In my words "The Magic Time" self is there but it is not... what is it... I wonder that feeling... what is it? What is that devotion which compels you to lose yourself, be the one which is not there or may be there but was never there? This can happen with extreme affection / devotion only. Probably, it is the greatest combination of all the Yóga.

Before the curtain is raised, or before the bell sought for the opening of the show... everyone at or behind stage, waits for the time with every second coming down to play their role and be off from the stage… 

It is the only place where you do not go behind your dreams but you live them. I feel that I will be alive for thousand more years to have that feeling again and again in me... Amen

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